Engineering the next-generation business simulation platform


Built cameras, sensors, and software for big construction

leaf systems

Developing a real time positioning system for important assets

fusion reactor

Built an inertial electrostatic confinement fusion reactor

Conrad Challenge

Leading teams of alumni for the student entrepreneur’s #1 resource

Spatial Lab

Developing better algorithms for augmented reality


Leading Olin’s entrepreneurial community and startup incubator

first robotics

Founded and led a world-class FIRST Robotics Team (#5511)


Launched a zero-gravity injection molding system to the ISS

Verilog GPU

A GPU written in Verilog HDL with a hardware scheduler and compute cores


Search engine for dresses complete with principal component analysis and pose estimation

Beam Print

Suite of Augmented Reality tools designed for engineering and manufacturing

Visualzing Schroedingers Equation

Solved and simulated the wave function for the hydrogen atom

Shadowboxing robot

A kinect-powered 8-DoF robot that mimmics your every move

Barbour Machine

Worked as a manufacturing consultant for local product development firms

zero robotics

Programmed floating robots on the ISS for MIT’s Zero Robotics program


World finalist in the HiMCM mathematical modeling competition

Verilog CPU

A simple MIPS standard CPU written in VerilogHDL


Simulated and explore a blackhole using Apple’s ARKit

Discrete Map

Learning map for major topics in discrete mathematics

Audio Steganography

New ways of encoding secret messages into audio for fingerprinting and copyright